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Weighting the Nerf dart mod

Description of how to do  the whistler dart mod

What the whistler dart mod does

Most people want to get their darts to be more accurate and more powerful. How they do this is by weighting it and they do this by either putting a fishing weight or a BB pellet inside the dart. They do this to stop the Nerf dart tailing of at around 30 feet.I personly use BB pellets because my friend has loads and his BB gun broke so he gave me loads of pellets, but fishing weights are fine.

How to do the BB pellet dart mod

What you will need

  • some BB pelletsBB pellets
  • some Nerf darts
  • a glue gun
  • some glue sticks
  • a Nerf gun (preferably air resistor modded)

Step 1

Insert BB into the Nerf dart at the end of the dart (not the black part)to check for a proper fit.

Step 2

Next put a small spot of glue on the BB pellet,reinsert into the dart  and leave to dry for half a day.

Step 3

That is all. It’s that simple your Nerf gun can now shoot more powerfully and more accurately


You can also use a straw and cut to a size that you think is appropriate.






Just replace the straw with a BB pellet!






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