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New Nerf Retaliator unboxing

Nerf Elite Retaliator – Fresh out of the box

The new Nerf Elite retaliator is an interesting blaster from the new elite line.They are being marketed to have a maximum range of 75 feet or 20 metres if you are British like me.My one has a problem with the slide I think the grease has rubbed of and now its really slow loading another dart into the breach.

The accessories

The barrel is a good one because of the rifling inside the barrel make it a lot more accurate .

The fore grip is almost useless because if you have one hand on the handle and one on the slide you can’t hold it so it is fundamentally useless.

The stock is a bit small but it is ok I use it because it matches the rest of the blaster.The nerf elite retaliator is a great starter blaster but it costs a bit of money!!!

check out my review video.

This is my first video using this new camera/mic and I may mumble a bit  I got my braces the day before 🙂

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