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nerf barricade review (get the stockade)

pros and cons

The Nerf barricade is a strange , but clever blaster. In the way that it is very impractical for many situations, especially sneaking up on people.I perosnly don’t mind using the barricade but it is a pain if you aren’t just shooting at each other.the range isn’t that impressive either only about 20-25 feet with batteries that have been in it for about a week.The rate of fire is amazing but it has quite a small ammo capacity, which i can go through in less than 5 seconds sometimes.

nerf barricade

the reasons to get this blaster.

1.you can duel wield them because they are semi automatic.

2. they are good if you can run lots because you can run and pepper the other teams players.

3. because its awsome nerf barricade


the barricade is a must have blaster for garden wars and open plain wars but not for a house war.


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