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Nerf Retaliator/rampage mod guide

this mod will cover both the basis of the retaliator and the rampage because they have the same internals. I will tell you how to remove the air restrictor and all locks.

1. take all the screws out of the blaster and take the top half of the shell off

2.slide the boltsled back and take it out

3.take a hammer and a thin chizel of screwdriver and carefully remove the air restrictor.

4.apply a drop of hot glue to the tri pronged piece of plastic. this is a precaution against breaking the bolt.

locks removed.

this is not completely necessery, but i like to do it so i can take out the clip if a jam occors.

1.take out the little white peices of plastic and bin them they will no let you put a clip into the blaster when the bolt is forward,but dont do that it widens the mouth of the clip and makes it useless.

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