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Nerf Maverick Air Restrictor Removal Mod

The ultimate way to mod your Nerf Maverick is to cut out the air restrictors. This will give you more range over a stock one and will give you a edge in a crucial Nerf battle.

How easy is the air restrictor mod?

it is probably the most advanced mod for the Maverick. But don’t let this put you off because the mods for the Maverick are easy.

You will need a claw hammer , Phillips head screwdriver and a craft/hobby knife.

This mod will take 25 minutes to do if taking care to get it right.

How to do the AR mod

1.Take all the screws out and open the blaster into two halves.

2.Take out the barrel and undo all the screws on the barrel

3.Use your claw hammer to prise the grey piece off the barrel and open it up.

4.Get the six springs and the small orange pieces of plastic (the air restrictor) and throw them away.

5.Cut the post off the remaining orange piece where they attach to the disc with the craft knife. This should leave a ring of plastic with a hole inthe center.

6. Do that with all six and put everything back together.

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