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Nerf Gun Mods – Modding Guides for Ultimate Nerf Gun Power

Modding Guides for Ultimate Nerf Gun Power

The Nerf Gun in all it’s many guises is great.

We all know that. That’s how most of us got started right!

Some kind parent or aquaintence bought a present for a birthday or Christmas AND YOU WERE HOOKED!!!!!

At least that’s what happened to me. Tom Scott – Officially a Nerf Gun Addict 🙂

But after a while the lack of power from your Nerf Barricade or the fact that your Nerf Maverick looks just like all your mate’s when you battle makes you look for something more and you find yourself getting drawn into the world of – Nerf Mods.


I’ve tried to pull together some of the best Nerf Modding Guides I’ve done myself and seen on the net by some of the great Nerf Modders.

If you have your own blaster mod you want to share or a particular mod you would like to see featured drop me an email and I’ll see what I can do.

If  you want the latest updates on new nerf mods and mod kits, news of the latest new blasters, and other generally awesome blaster related stuff including great offers sign up  for my newsletter at the top of the page.

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